Some info about sizes and measuring

Our re-sawn wood product is made out of our high-quality, Reclaimed Barn Wood siding.  This product is sliced thin to an average thickness of 3/8” inch (give or take a 1/16th “), and then straight-lined, minimizing the bowing, cupping, and tapering, for easy installation. Our re-sawn wood comes in 1” inch width increments, starting at 2” inches all the way up to 5” inches in width.  The lengths vary from 24” to 54” inches. When you order re-sawn wood from Coast to Coast Barn Wood, we will send you the widths you chose in a variety of lengths.  This reduces waste and allows you to have smaller pieces to start a row or fill a gap. We take the hard work out of cutting and straightening the wood for our customers. 

Our product is naturally-aged real wood. While Coast to Coast Barn Wood makes every effort to ensure a quality-consistent product, Mother Nature is not perfect. All sales are final, but in the rare case a piece, or pieces, are not usable, we will send you replacements at no extra charge.  You will be required to call and send pictures of the wood to be replaced to one of our locations directly for approval.

You can order packs individually to meet your total square footage needs, or you can purchase our product in the colors you need, and we can put packs together for you.

Before purchasing, we recommend you look at your wall/project as a whole, 100%.

Choose your widths as a piece of the pie; for example, if your wall is 150 square feet how much of that wall do you want as 4” wide wood? 20%, 30%?

If you would like more of certain width, add 30 or 45 sq. ft of that width to your cart, and so on.

Our re-sawn wood currently comes in 2 color variations: 

  • Tobacco Interior Brown

  • Tobacco Barn Grey and Brown mix packs (usually 50/50: half grey, half brown)

We will be adding additional colors in the near future.

All of our re-sawn wood in a variety of widths and lengths.

2x24 3x24 4x24 5x24

2x30 3x30 4x30 5x30

2x36 3x36 4x36 5x36

2x42 3x42 4x42 5x42

2x48 3x48 4x48 5x48

2x54 3x54 4x54 5x54