Re-sawn Wood 



Coast to Coast Barn Wood now offers our siding as a re-sawn product.

Our authentic, reclaimed barn wood is split, back-planed, and straight-lined to offer a simple and easy barn wood siding to install. This product line saves time, which is money, and creates a long-lasting, impressionable feature to any home interior project.


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Available in tobacco, grey, & brown. Packs are arranged in a variety of colors. We ocassionally add white, red, & black as well.


Mix & match our widths to create a unique, random pattern, or use all the same size for a consistent look and feel.


Our re-sawn wood comes in a number of widths, from 2” to 6”, and in lengths up to 48” long.

Packs range from 10–50 sqft in coverage area.